Your new best friend !

Tapia keeps you company and helps you stay in contact with friends and relatives. She can help you organize your schedule, inform you about news and weather, and provide you with hands free access to your media and IoT devices. Tapia is your assistant and your friend. Tapia isn’t just a machine you have to learn how to use… Tapia learns about you.
As the number of single person households increases, robotic companions like Tapia will become increasingly important, especially in aging societies. Robots like Tapia are the first such devices in what will soon become a facet of our daily lives.


The new reality is closer than you think


TAPIA worked very hard to learn new features for you !

Baby Safety Monitoring

Tapia will send you an alert if she sees that your newborn sleeping in an unsafe position.

Physical Action Detection

Tapia can detect when there is trouble. If children are fighting in the house, Tapia will sound the alarm.

Presentation system

Tapia can act as an automated narrator for slide show presentations, advertisements and instructional videos.

Item Finding

Tapia can lend you a extra pair of eyes when looking for a lost object. Just ask Tapia “Where are my glasses” and she’ll help with your search.


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